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Positive Coaching Scotland

 We have recently adopted this approach and would like to share this with parents and carers.

Key influencers in young people’s lives

By involving the whole community – teachers, parents, coaches and club leaders – PCS is encouraging a cultural shift in sport in Scotland, inspiring young people to always do their best. PCS sets a new standard for all the key influencers in a young person’s life.



Teachers have the opportunity to prepare children for the future by fostering positive, life-long attitudes towards physical education, physical activity and sport. PCS contributes to the aims of Curriculum for Excellence, providing a practical context for Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes.



Parents can use the principles of PCS to influence the way their child thinks and feels about physical education, physical activity and sport which can help them to stay involved longer. PCS highlights the potential that sport has for building self-confidence through learning from mistakes and teaching children valuable life lessons.



PCS can change the way coaches think about winning. It encourages coaches to reject a ‘win at all costs’ mentality and focus instead on encouraging young people to try harder, learn more and stay in sport longer.


Club leaders

PCS helps club leaders to create a positive sporting culture within their club or organisation which in turn helps retain members and volunteers.



Click on this link to download parent / carer information from Positive Coaching Scotland.

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Positive Coaching Scotland