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Classification 2018/19


Dear Parent/Carer,

Classification for 2018-19

Please find below the classification for next session.

There is currently pressure for places which is impacting on our roll and classification. As a consequence the classification may be subject to change. If this happens during the session I will ensure there is no impact on teaching and learning and that any disruption is minimised

If numbers remain as they are at present then the classification and staffing will be:

P1          Miss Wilson

P2/1      Miss Bannerman

P.2        Ms Dickie

P3         Mrs Donnachie (Monday to Wednesday)/ Mrs Erunlu (Thursday and Friday)

P4/3      Miss Randall

P.5/4     Miss Blackwell

P5         Miss Ferguson

P6         Miss Taylor/Ms Meharg

P7         Mrs Murdoch

Yours sincerely,

C. E. Dunleavy

Head Teacher