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House system


We have a House System at ThornwoodPrimary School.

Our four houses are Apsley, Kennoway, Rosevale and Exeter, all named after local streets.

The captains and vice captains are voted in by their peers following speeches by the candidates.


House Captains for Session 2019/20 (Primary 7 pupils)


         Rosevale Ryan

Exeter Zahraa

Apsley Kyle

Kennoway Gracie




Vice Captains for Session 2019/20 (Primary 6 pupils)

Rosevale Nicole

Kennoway Hassan

Exeter Hugo

Apsley Reece


We have a House assembly at least once per term.

House points can be issued at any time by any member of staff, if they see a pupil doing something which they feel merits recognition.

House Point Boxes and House Points Charts are in our main entrance area (at the top of our spiral staircase).

At the end of the session the winning house will receive the House Trophy.